My personal purpose is to assist inspired people that are struggling with their current career or business to step into their power, chase their potential and monetize it to achieve a simple long lasting business using their gifts, talents and passions.

I believe that when women breakthrough their historical patterns of fear and feelings of not being good enough, they will be able to recognize the power of their natural skills and talents and step boldly into their potential. The act of Chasing Fears & Freedom is essential in striving in business as well as healing and nurturing our families.

There is power in a women’s ability to embrace the FEAR and do it anyway.

Chasing Fears & Freedom is something we must do continually. When you stop, you become comfortable, when you’re comfortable, you’re not striving to reach your potential. Check back often and choose something to push yourself to success!

My background as a National Board Certified teacher in early education has allowed me to become an expert in fear. When one is dealing with fear, they are dealing with the inner child. I know how to talk to that inner child, switch the mindset and bring in the responsible adult! When we have the responsible adult we feel the freedom in a child like excited way!

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